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A quick post this morning …

In the aftermath of Super Tuesday, as political pundits and analysts speculate on the meaning of last night’s results to the presidential campaign, I am reminded yet again why I consider myself an election geek instead of a political junkie.

Quite simply, the mission of election administration is straightforward and easy to understand: count votes and report the results. The process involved in that mission can be complicated, but at the end of an election the votes are counted and it’s possible to identify winners and losers.

There are no expectations to beat, momentum to maintain or narratives to extend – just one or more candidates or questions that got more votes than the rest and thus can be said to have won.

Yes, candidates, courts and the media often dispute those results – but that is not the job of election officials. Their job is to bring finality to the democratic process by allowing voters to translate opinions into choices, choices into votes and votes into winners.

Easier said than done, of course, but far more satisfying (to me at least) than the ever-changing nature of politics.

That’s my reason for being an election geek – what’s yours?